Feedback Part Five

I have carefully read the final formative feedback document from my Tutor.  I have identified from this Feedback further work I need to undertake for this course before I submit for Assessment.

My Tutor commented overall  that I had clearly worked hard during this part of the course but that my final samples reflected the pressure of trying to get things right and hence a safer approach.  My Tutor advised that it  is important at assessment that the student has taken an innovative and engaging approach and that demonstrates an ability to take risks. In addition the Tutor has noted that I have not  used my analytical skills to examine in depth my earlier samples and some of my research material.  My Tutor noted that I had a pleasing colour palette and provided evidence that I have pulled together things that I have learnt from the previous assignments to create my Part 5 work.  My drawings were interesting particularly those inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe paintings.

I have pondered at length this overall feedback and feel in myself that I could have been more innovative and experimental.  I also think that I rushed my final samples and whilst being self critical I have not documented that appropriately.  I could have documented more extensively my initial sampling in Part 5 particularly what I think of the results.  As I used print in my less developed samples I should have made a larger body of expressive sketches to draw from I understand this but for various reasons I was rushing.  This means I need to establish a better framework to approach my study work in general to ensure I develop in more depth and document in more detail.  This would then ensure I can pick the best of my samples and not rely on a small number.

I was pleased that my Tutor found my drawings interesting particularly the way I approached Georgia O’Keeffe paintings and she could see that I have been practising. Drawing has been a challenge for me so I took heart from these comments.

So I have developed a detailed Action Plan and documentation approach.  I will present this material by way of acting on my Tutor’s feedback and my carrying out some deeper analysis of my research which will lead to a new collection of work.  I will be careful to record in detail the processes, my evaluation and subsequent ideas in my learning log finishing with a more general reflection.  All work including the less developed capsule collection will be send in for Assessment.

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