Revised Colour Palette – Colour Collage Part 5.2


I produced an initial colour collage to investigate colour which I then used as a base for my initial 5.3 and less developed Textile Capsule.  Following my Tutor’s Feedback I realise that I did not extend my analysis of this collage and nor did I take it further with other colour collages to choose from.  My Tutor has raised some questions, for example, what did I learn from the collage? Was the colour balance right?

Revised Approach

To proceed further I have reproduced the first Colour Collage(colour collage 5.2.1) below:IMG_8755

In looking at this collage I thought it had too many colours even though it reflected many of the colours in my Tropical Tourist installation. I thought it was too busy.  I thought the yellow stood out but the plants I was particularly focusing on – the orange/apricot bougainvillea flowers and petals and the hibiscus and partially dead hibiscus flowers were more subtle in colour.  I thought of examine several other palettes in my revision of sections of Part 5 so I developed the following palettes:Collage2 Colour Collage 5.2. 2 – This is a cool colour collage using the tropical greens and the deep blues of the ocean.  I love these colours but they do not fit with my study of the petals and flowers of the tropical flower plants. If I wanted to extend my study to include a lot of foliage the green would be helpful to match.

collage 3Colour Collage 5.2.3 – more neutral colours with a touch of earthy colour.  This colour scheme did not really fit with my theme of Tropical Tourist it to me more depicts the after effects of a bushfire or an industrial theme.

collage 4Colour Collage 5.2.4 – these warm apricot, rusty colours more reflected the colours of the flower petals and flower of the bougainvillea and hibiscus.  It captures the various shades of colour I have seen in the flower petals and the ageing and decay of the flowers.  It conveys fragility to me. It is more subtle than the bright primary colours of collages 1 and 2.

collage 5Colour Collage 5.2.5 – I reflected on my work in Part 5 Project 1 and the use of red by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and decided to add a red collage to see what I might learn.  This colour is very vibrant and dense – lovely – but does not reflect the fragility of the petals I have been studying.  However, I could use these red shades if I wanted to pursue Part 5 Project 1 drawings and printing.


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