Reflection on Tutor’s Feedback for Assignment three

Tutor’s Feedback Assignment Three

I was pleased to receive prompt feedback from my Tutor on Assignment three.  Overall, my Tutor indicated I had done well.

Points raised by my Tutor that I am reflecting on and will incorporate in my work are:

  • Sending my next assignment by Mail to Tutor as well as documenting on my blog
  • Further development of my Learning Log(part of my blog) included as indicated by me too writing down more and examining my thinking.  Also to understand better that learning comes through mistakes and ‘happy accidents’.  To discuss my ideas in writing with myself.  This should encourage me to be more inventive and experimental to make ‘braver decisions’.
  • To think about work I view or research in terms of colour balance, scale, tones, placement, composition, texture, surface etc more.  A feeling I got from a work, technique, colour palette and if I would want to create in my own work. What appeals to me and why!
  • Included in my own analysis too  is the need for me to be more experimental in my approach in, for example, materials, size of work, colour combinations, substrates, etc
  • Continue with my drawing regularly.
  • Obtain two books recommended by the Tutor.  ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ by Stella Cottrell and ‘Steal Like an Artist’ by Austin Kleon.  I have these now I love books so I really enjoy getting recommendations on books.


I have purchased the two books recommended and am currently reading them.  I am doing a thirty day challenge for November to draw ever day and I have also obtained the book ‘Expressive Drawing’ by Steven Aimone to give me added challenge.

I need to refer to my dot points above often to remind myself to stay focused on the issues I need to address.

I am going to send Assignment Four to my Tutor when completed.