Revised Assignment 5 work – Plan of Action

I have prepared a Plan of Action based on my Tutor’s Formative Feedback on Part 5.

ACTION PLAN for Revised Assignment Five

Learning Log (Tutor: overall well organised and I demonstrate the ability to take on information and learn from it). However Tutor points out I need to put some of my new knowledge into practice.


  • More reflective thinking on my own output.
  • For example collage sample – Tutor advises my questioning attitude excellent but I need to add some answers.

Action 1: Further develop collage samples in Part 5.2 – analyse, reflect and document outputs.  Add some answers!

  • Took risks in the materials and techniques in initial sampling in Part 5 but did not write up extensively.
  • Look at each sample and write not only what I did but what I thought of the results (shape, colour etc) which will help me to see what worked well and what can be taken forward.  Remember to reflect on my work in progress and document well in my Learning Log.  This critical reflection is structured, focused and conscious thought with an end person(Stella Cottrell). So my reflection of my samples is designed to assist me to produce interesting, experimental and impressive textiles.

Action 2: Following my Formative Feedback I have decided to redo my samples for 5.3 Experimenting and taking risks. Undertake detailed critical reflection as I progress through samples.  Do far more samples, less techniques more focused go in deeper be innovative see potential have a framework for carrying out Action 2.  A framework or system will help me to focus (I have problem with this which is obvious when you see how many different techniques I have used but only superficially) define and consider my work.

Research (Tutor: have started my analysis of my research with Holmes and Lyddon but in Assignment Five I have been giving general information on Artists selected).


  • Need to revisit some of my artists in Part 5 and write down what I see and what I think of work.

ACTION 3:  Revisit some of the artists in Part 5 and analyse and evaluate in more detail as suggested by Tutor.



  • Tutor commented that if using print as one of my processes it is really important that I have a large body of expressive sketches to draw from.

ACTION 4:   Do far far more printing samples which will help me to have a wide choice to take forward into final textile samples.  Part 5.3.

Engagement with Textile Techniques(Tutor:  Noted she had only seen my textile samples digitally.  Liked my colour palette and saw variety in my compositions and noted that there is evidence I have pulled together things I have learnt from previous assignments to create the work.)


  • But my work lacks as noted by Tutor because I have not analysed my early sampling fully.

ACTION 5:  Do another more developed Textile capsule collection with the aim of creating innovative and exciting work.







Revised Colour Palette – Colour Collage Part 5.2


I produced an initial colour collage to investigate colour which I then used as a base for my initial 5.3 and less developed Textile Capsule.  Following my Tutor’s Feedback I realise that I did not extend my analysis of this collage and nor did I take it further with other colour collages to choose from.  My Tutor has raised some questions, for example, what did I learn from the collage? Was the colour balance right?

Revised Approach

To proceed further I have reproduced the first Colour Collage(colour collage 5.2.1) below:IMG_8755

In looking at this collage I thought it had too many colours even though it reflected many of the colours in my Tropical Tourist installation. I thought it was too busy.  I thought the yellow stood out but the plants I was particularly focusing on – the orange/apricot bougainvillea flowers and petals and the hibiscus and partially dead hibiscus flowers were more subtle in colour.  I thought of examine several other palettes in my revision of sections of Part 5 so I developed the following palettes:Collage2 Colour Collage 5.2. 2 – This is a cool colour collage using the tropical greens and the deep blues of the ocean.  I love these colours but they do not fit with my study of the petals and flowers of the tropical flower plants. If I wanted to extend my study to include a lot of foliage the green would be helpful to match.

collage 3Colour Collage 5.2.3 – more neutral colours with a touch of earthy colour.  This colour scheme did not really fit with my theme of Tropical Tourist it to me more depicts the after effects of a bushfire or an industrial theme.

collage 4Colour Collage 5.2.4 – these warm apricot, rusty colours more reflected the colours of the flower petals and flower of the bougainvillea and hibiscus.  It captures the various shades of colour I have seen in the flower petals and the ageing and decay of the flowers.  It conveys fragility to me. It is more subtle than the bright primary colours of collages 1 and 2.

collage 5Colour Collage 5.2.5 – I reflected on my work in Part 5 Project 1 and the use of red by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and decided to add a red collage to see what I might learn.  This colour is very vibrant and dense – lovely – but does not reflect the fragility of the petals I have been studying.  However, I could use these red shades if I wanted to pursue Part 5 Project 1 drawings and printing.

Feedback Part Five

I have carefully read the final formative feedback document from my Tutor.  I have identified from this Feedback further work I need to undertake for this course before I submit for Assessment.

My Tutor commented overall  that I had clearly worked hard during this part of the course but that my final samples reflected the pressure of trying to get things right and hence a safer approach.  My Tutor advised that it  is important at assessment that the student has taken an innovative and engaging approach and that demonstrates an ability to take risks. In addition the Tutor has noted that I have not  used my analytical skills to examine in depth my earlier samples and some of my research material.  My Tutor noted that I had a pleasing colour palette and provided evidence that I have pulled together things that I have learnt from the previous assignments to create my Part 5 work.  My drawings were interesting particularly those inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe paintings.

I have pondered at length this overall feedback and feel in myself that I could have been more innovative and experimental.  I also think that I rushed my final samples and whilst being self critical I have not documented that appropriately.  I could have documented more extensively my initial sampling in Part 5 particularly what I think of the results.  As I used print in my less developed samples I should have made a larger body of expressive sketches to draw from I understand this but for various reasons I was rushing.  This means I need to establish a better framework to approach my study work in general to ensure I develop in more depth and document in more detail.  This would then ensure I can pick the best of my samples and not rely on a small number.

I was pleased that my Tutor found my drawings interesting particularly the way I approached Georgia O’Keeffe paintings and she could see that I have been practising. Drawing has been a challenge for me so I took heart from these comments.

So I have developed a detailed Action Plan and documentation approach.  I will present this material by way of acting on my Tutor’s feedback and my carrying out some deeper analysis of my research which will lead to a new collection of work.  I will be careful to record in detail the processes, my evaluation and subsequent ideas in my learning log finishing with a more general reflection.  All work including the less developed capsule collection will be send in for Assessment.